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David Goldfarb Steps Down, Delivers Rebuke to University: After more than two decades on Princeton Borough Council, Goldfarb stepped down on Tuesday after an unsuccessful bid as Mayor. Greta Cuyler, January 4, 2011,  Princeton Patch.

Text of Goldfarb’s final words to Borough Council.   Quote from remarks: “With financial resources that dwarf those of virtually all other colleges and universities in the world, Princeton University still demands that the resident of our town subsidize it. On top of that, its president threatened to reduce its inadequate contribution in lieu of taxes if the town didn’t comply with the University’s wishes. When President Tilghman presented us with her ultimatum last year, we should have called her bluff. Instead, the leaders of our town capitulated, emboldening the University to make similar threats in the future. I hope that the town and the University will work together to restore the mutually respectful relationship that we enjoyed under prior University administrations. The University’s commitment to leave the Dinky in place would be an excellent place to start.”

Goerner Reappointed Mayor, Reflects on Princeton’s Past and Future: A strong proponent of consolidation, Goerner says the fear of government mergers must end, January 4, 2012, Princeton Patch.

Text of Mayor Goerner’s reorganization speech.  Quote from speech: “From the time I was first elected to township committee in 2006, this had been one of my key goals. And we did it.”                                                                          

A New Beginning in Princeton, The reorganization meetings in Princeton Township and Princeton Borough are the last the two governments will ever have, Greta Cuyler, January 4, 2012, Princeton Patch                       

Goerner and Nemeth Look Ahead to 2012, Ellen Gilbert, January 4, 2012, Town Topics,

A Tale of Two Princetons, Robin, January 4, 2012, Princeton Found,

Borough Council to Interview Consolidation Transition Team Candidates Tonight, Krystal Knapp, January 3, 2012, Planet Princeton. Applicants to Borough Council (some from Township): Alexi Assmus; Dorothy Berkhout; Jo Butler; Hendricks Davis; Mark Freda; John Heilner; Georg Huellstrunk; Jill Jachera; Adrienne Kreipke; Anton Lahnston; James Levine; Roger Martindell;  Shirley Meeker; W. Bradford Middlekauff; Paul L. Ominsky; Alexandra Radbil; Marvin Reed Paul Rorem; Michele Ryan; Anne St. Mauro; Ruth Sayer; Roger Shatzkin; Scott Sillars; Patrick Simon; Alice K. Small; Jan R. Weinberg; Charlotte (Treby) M. Williams; Richard C. Woodbridge; Carolyn N. Ainslie; and Bruce M. Topolosky.                                                                      

Councilman David Goldfarb Is Lauded by Colleagues As Term Comes to a Close, Anne Levin, December 28, 2011, Town Topics.

2011: A Year of Battles and Decisions, Ellen Gilbert and Anne Levin, December 28, 2011, Town Topics. Quote from article:  “conversations in the coming year will focus on the composition of the “transition team” and the difficulties of turning two municipalities into one.”                                                     

Consolidation Pays: PU Increases Township Contribution, Ellen Gilbert, December 21, 2011, Town Topics.    

University to Make $1.7 Million PILOT Payment to Borough in 2012: The University will also make a $250,000 payment to go towards consolidation transition costs and $300,000 towards future expansion of the Fire Dept, Greta Cuyler, December 21, 2011, Princeton Patch.       

University to Make $525,000 PILOT Payment to Township in 2012: The University will also make a $250,000 payment to go toward consolidation transition costs, Greta Cuyler, December 20, 2011. Princeton Patch.

Unified Princeton gets parted out into voting districts, Briget Clerkin, December 20, 2011, Trenton Times.

University, township agree on increased contribution for 2012, staff, December 19, 2011, News at Princeton.

Role of Consolidation Commission in Merger Not Yet Decided, Greta Cuyler, December 16, 2011, Princeton Patch.                                                    

59 residents apply to serve on transtion team, Victoria Hurley-Schubert, December 15, 2011, Princeton Packet. Applicants to Township Committee (some from Borough): Robert Altman, Khalid Anwar, Alexi Assmus, Dorothea Berkhout, Anne Burns, Kathleen Cherry, Capt. John Clearwater, Fang Deng, Zvi Eiref, William Enslin, Dr. Henry Frank, Mark Freda, Marvin Geller, William Hare, Georg Huellstrunk, Linda Mather, Brian McDonald, William Metro, Bradford Middlekauff, Bernard Miller, Sharon Naeole, Paul Ominsky, Gary Patteson, Wendy Rayner, Lydia Robinson, Paul Rorem, Michele Ryan, Anne St. Mauro, James Schwerin, Scott Sillars, Henry Singer, Jaspal Singh, Michele Tuck-Ponder, Jan Weinberg, Ross Wishnick, and Richard Woodbridge.

Redistricting mulled at meeting, Monica Chon, December 15, 2011, Planet Princeton,

Officials unclear on transition team role, Victoria Hurley-Schubers, December 15, 2011, Princeton Packet,

Editorial: Transition needs to be transparent, December 15, 2011, Princeton Packet,

Joint Shared Services Consolidation Commission: Group works to make history in Princeton Township & Borough, Victoria Hurley-Schubert, December 15, 2011, Packet Magazine, 13:28.                                                               

Officials debate formation of consolidation transition team, December 14th, 2011, Planet Princeton                                                                   

A Marriage Made in New Jersey: Princeton Union Could Reflect Trend, Paul Burton, November 28, 2011, Bond Buyer.

Lessons to learn from Princeton ‘marriage’. Ingrid Reed, November 25, 2011, Asbury Park Press,       

Preparing for a year of transition, Angela Wu, November 25, 2011,  All Princeton

In Princeton, a chance to share a new yoke, Kevin Riordan, November 20, 2011, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Radio interview with Krystal Knapp on Princeton’s consolidation with Marty Moss-Coane,  November 16, 2011, WHYY.                                                                                                                 A good presentation of the standard Commission line.  The confusion still persists about $3.2M being the yearly savings to the budget rather than a net $2M savings instead due to the cost of the extenstion of trash collection to the Township.  Knapp: “3.2 million would be saved in the budget, that comes to roughly a little over $200 for the average property owner.”  The $200 figure is figured on the net $2M savings. The $3.2M payroll savings due to proposed elimination of staff positions does not correspond to the $200 estimated property tax reduction on an average tax bill of $15,000.                                                   

Hey New Jersey, consolidation won’t destroy your town’s identity or ‘boroughness’, Brian Donahue, November 16, 2011. Star Ledger.

Moody’s supports merger of Princeton Borough, Township, Jarett Renshaw, November 16, 2011

Municipalities’ Work to Consolidate Begins; Future Roles for Some Players not Clear, Ellen Gilbert, November 16, 2011, Town Topics

Editorial: Princeton consolidation should serve as statewide model, November 14, 2011, Trenton Times,

Now the transition process will get underway, Victoria Hurley-Schubert, Princeton Packet, November 10, 2011

Princeton, N.J. merger: Higher taxes and loss of identity causes of concern, Bob Holt, Newsroom NJ, November 12, 2011                         

Princeton officials to lay groundwork for merger, Bridget Clerkin, Trenton Times, November 10, 2011

Two Princeton Towns in New Jersey Vote to Merge Governments, Elise Young, San Francisco Chronicle, November 9, 2011                                                   

Two Princeton Towns in New Jersey Vote to Merge Governments, Elise Young, December 9, 2011,                                                                                  

In Princeton they like their donuts just fine, Paul Munshine, Star Ledger, November 6, 2011.

Opinion: Princeton library debate shows why consolidation should be voted down, Phyllis Teitelbaum, Trenton Times,  November 4, 2011.                                        

How Accurate is the Information in the Consolidation Commission’s Report? Phyllis Teitelbaum, Princeton Patch, November 2, 2011     

Borough, Township debate consolidation cost in emails, Patience Haggin, Daily Princetonian, October 28, 2011                                                   

Princeton Township and Borough hold final meeting on proposed consolidation, Briget Clerkin Trenton Times, October 28, 2011

Officials address consolidation concerns, Greata Cuyler, Princeton Patch, October 27, 2011

NJTV Story on Consolidation (about 4 minutes in), October 25, 2011

Preserve Our Historic Borough Leads the Charge Against Consolidation, Matt Huston,  Princeton Patch, October 26, 2011                                                   

Merger vote tests Christie’s attempt to shrink towns, Bloomberg, October 21, 2011 

Kate Warren interview with Gregory Phillip of WBGO/WHYY

University neutral on consolidation, Pateince Haggin, Daily Princetonian, October 14,

Pros and cons of consolidation aired at meeting, Town Topics, October 5, 2011

Would Dems Still Dominate? The Consolidation of the Two Princetons and Its Affects on Local Politics, Planet Princeton, September 2, 2011.

Consolidation debate heats up at meeting, Daily Princetonian, September 28, 2011

Princeton Joint Consolidation Forum Draws Comments on a Variety of Community, Planet Princeton, September 28, 2011.             

Merging of Princetons still the subject of debate, Briget Clerkin, Times, September 20, 2011

PCDO hosts debate on consolidation, Daily Princetonian, September 19, 2011