From Commission Impacts Report, p. 6:

  • Omitting all transition costs,  assuming all staff reductions are carried out and
    that Township trash can be collected for $241/house, an “average” Boro tax
    bill of $15,000 would be reduced by $149. In the Township, the average saving would be $664.
  • If the cost of Township trash collection is in fact $400/house, the Boro benefit is only $62.
  • And if only half the staff reductions are carried out, the Boro tax bill increases by $111.
  • And if transition costs are $1 million/year for five years and the staff reductions are spread out over a five year period, the Boro tax bill increases by $360 in the first year.
  • In any case, the cost of new Township services are guaranteed to begin immediately; any possible savings would only begin after the new Town Councilreduces its police force and municipal staff.

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