Consolidation passes 1397 to 891; central Boro votes AGAINST 53%

Tony Lunn writes,  “The “core” of the borough voted against consolidation. The further away from the residential center of town,  the more people voted for consolidation. The effect is dramatic  (unofficial vote counts, without absentees*):

District Vote Area
4, 5, 6 53% against (338 for, 387 against) Close-packed residential: tree streets, Jefferson/Moore, John/Witherspoon
3, 7, 8, 9 35% against(721 for, 379 against) Western section (west of Bayard Lane) and the “eastern” section (mostly east of Harrison)
1,2 26% against(179 for, 62 against) Mostly University students and faculty
Township, all districts 15% against 3542 for, 604 against)  The Township is 16.25 square miles around the 1.9 sm Boro

The outer regions (Township) badly want consolidation (85% in favor), the innermost regions (central Boro districts) do not (53% against). That’s a huge difference.

‘We’re all the same’? Not with regard to our views on the town’s future. The newspapers completely miss this. So do our governing bodies.”

*Spreadsheet with unofficial election results (without absentee).


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