Commission recommends patrol squad officer reduction of 20%; overall force reduction 15%

The Commission has recommended that the total combined police force be reduced from 60 to 51 (a 15% decrease) over a three-year period.  As part of this overall reduction the patrol squads will be reduced from a current total (Boro plus Township) of 10 down to 8 (a 20% decrease).

From the Commission’s Baseline report: “The patrol division is the Township’s 24/7 coverage unit. One of the four squads of officers (a sergeant, corporal and three patrol officers) is on duty each shift. (p. 37). … The Borough’s patrol squads are deployed in parallel fashion to those in the Township. The department relies on the standard Pittman schedule to run two 12-hour squads each day ..”  (p. 40). Traffic officers, community service officers and accreditation officers are not part of the patrol squads. Boro sergeants are regularly out on the streets.

Org charts for Princeton and Township police (Baseline Report, pp. 42 and 44). See four patrol squads of 5 officers each for each municipality below, for a total of 10 officers on shift.

Under a consolidated combined force (with 51 sworn officers), each patrol squad shift would have eight officers. Options Report, p. 42.


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