Star Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine likes donuts with holes in them and Princeton Boro too!

Paul Mulshine writes about the lack of press attention to those who oppose consolidation.

“‘We are never taken seriously by the press,’ said the leader of a group of Princeton residents called Preserve Our Historic Borough. ‘When I do talk to the press, they don’t quote me. I talked to a reporter for an hour and 15 minutes, and he didn’t print a word.’ …

The reason no one wants to listen to Warren is that she is on the wrong side of an issue on which all right-thinking people agree — from our Republican governor to the most liberal Democrat in the Legislature. That is the belief that there are too many small towns in New Jersey. …

To proponents, it’s a no-brainer. When you merge two towns into one, you can save a lot of money by eliminating duplicative services. Property taxes will fall.

That’s the theory. But the opponents say the theory’s got as many holes in it as the aforementioned doughnuts. The projected savings are illusory, while the new costs are real, Warren argues.

The biggest new cost would be garbage collection. The borough already pays for trash pickup, but people in the township have to make their own arrangements. If the merger goes through, publicly funded trash collection will be extended to the township at a cost that will be partly borne by borough residents, Warren said.  … SEE FULL ARTICLE

No matter what the deep thinkers think, there’s a reason doughnuts have holes in them. They taste better that way.”

Note: According to the state’s DCA report on Princeton’s proposed consolidation, “The additional tax impact [added tax] of extending this service to Township residents is estimated to be $127 for the average residential taxpayer in the Borough and $141 for the average residential taxpayer in the Township.” (p. 15)


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